Time-lapse of Banff

2014/8 | Banff, Alberta, Canada | Time-lapse Video

This is a time-lapse video of Banff, Alberta in Canada. I spent 3 months to make this video, from May to August of 2014. The post-production is extremely time consuming. I summarise my work on this time-lapse video.

Number of photos I took: about 3500.
Number of photos are used in this video: about 2800.
Photo-taking: more than 13 hours
Photo editing: more than 10 hours
Video editing: more than 20 hours
Video rendering: This is the 17th version. The 1st version needed about 2 hours and the 17th version needed about 10 hours. The total rendering time is about 80 hours.
The number of mosquitoes killed by me during photo-taking: more than 40.

In this production, I tried to make it more special. I tried to use tele zoom lens( 250mmx1.6) night time shooting, fireworks time-lapse, daytime water flow shooting and star trails (my favourite ^^). They were quite tricky. If you guys are interested, I can share with you.


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Sunset Peak | Time Lapse

2014/4/19 | Sunset Peak, Hong Kong

The most beautiful mountain - Sunset Peak. The video is made by iPhone 5S.