The following are some of my personal disclosable projects
2019 / Native iOS App / Desstuff

ScreenshotApp is an iOS app for viewing information of screenshots such as resolution and filesize.

Screenshots of iOS would take up a lot of space (About 1MB to 10MB per image). ScreenshotApp offers conversion feature that allows users to convert screenshots into JPG/HIEC format with smaller file size.

ScreenshotApp has similar UX of built-in iOS Photos app such as smooth gesture control. ScreenshotApp can keep your converted images with same creation date of original images.

It is so simple to check out which screenshot images take up your device's storage.

2018 / Native iOS App / Desstuff

FlexVideo is an iOS app for viewing metadata of videos such as frame rate, bitrate, codec, filesize.

FlexVideo offers Quick and Advance modes that allow users to convert your video with highly customised configs.

Features of conversion
  • Image Resizing
  • Change orientation of video
  • Enable to remove audio
  • Enable to remove GPS location metadata
Resizer Pro
2019 / Native iOS app / Desstuff
  • Great photo gallery UX with image information summary such as resolution, file size and image format
  • Powerful image resizer
  • Photos app extension that allows users to resize photo quickly
  • Support batch resizing
  • Drag to select multiple images
  • Customisable configurations
  • Support iPad Webpage
2020 / Web Front-end programming
Official website of Kinofi
2016 / Native iOS App / Desstuff / Suspended

ENG is an iOS app for learning English with smart audio player.


  • Offline mode
  • A/B Repeat mode
  • Customisable forward/backward time control
  • Customisable speed control
  • Bookmark feature
  • Simple and smooth UX design
2015 / Native iOS app / Desstuff

MetaStuff is designed for viewing metadata of photos such as EXIF and filesize. The user-friendly UX design allows you switch images easily such as pull-to-dismiss on pop-up view (Before iOS 13 there is no this kind of built-in API for developer)

MetaStuff has 2 view modes Split and Popup. Split view allows you to switch image quickly. Popup view is designed for view all information of single image.
2019 / Web Development / Man Sang Printers (Group) Limited

Official website of Man Sang Printers (Group) Co. Ltd.
2015 / Web Development / GetAUpgrade

Official website of an online education tutor matching platform -

2015 / Native iOS app / Desstuff / Suspended

PubActHK is designed for checking public events in Hong Kong.

  • User-friendly calendar views
  • Enable to add events to your iPhone built-in calendar
  • Support English and Chinese
2014 / iOS App Demo / OldHKPhoto
An iOS app demo for OldHKPhoto